Our Facilities

Teaching at our Montessori School
Outdoor play area
Feeding the birds

Benin Casa Montessori is unique in many ways, not least for our provision of wonderful outdoor facilities. Children are encouraged to come to the gate to feed carrots to the ponies which are kept in a paddock adjacent to the Montessori school. The secure location away from the main road means that the children can avail of the wonderful open space in the immaculately kept gardens of Ballyvelly house to explore and learn in a safe and secure environment. We use our garden every day, weather permitting, as we feel fresh air and outside play are vital for your child's health and development. We also have an large indoor games hall where the children can play in times of poor weather.

The Ponies Paddock
Working as a team to solve a problem
Ponies looking for a corrot

"Your school is unique in its building and in it's location; I have visited no other that would offer similar experiences of the natural world. It's unique in its atmosphere as you have stamped all with your loving interest in the child and created and maintained an environment in which he can be satisfyingly active. I have no doubt but that every child is enriched greatly by spending time in Benin Casa and every parent is affirmed in his/her rearing job by the way Maria shares in it" - Inspector from the AMI