What is Montessori

Maria Montessori with a class
Maria Montessori with children
Boys Learining the montessori method

Our Montessori Pre-School aims to assist in the entire development of your child. Montessori is much more than a method; it is a whole attitude of care and respect for young children. It is based on Dr.Maria Montessori’s observations of children. She developed a system of education whereby your child will develop their capabilities at their own pace and without being compared to others. It is based on the idea of freedom, within limits, so that your child will gain concentration, self-confidence and independence.


Benin Casa Montessori is unique in many ways, not least for our provision of wonderful outdoor facilities. They include our outdoor classroom, our mud kitchen and sand area and our large garden area where children are free to explore and learn in a safe and secure natural environment. We use our garden every day as we feel fresh air and outside play are vital for your child's health and development. Our outdoor classroom is sheltered which means children can have somewhere to play in times of poor weather.