Our Montessori School provides a prepared environment where children develop their own skills: Sensory, Cultural, Language and Arithmetic. All toys and equipment are supplied by specialists in Montessori teaching.

Practical Life

This includes polishing, pouring, threading, pegging & dressing frames. These are the very first Montessori activities the children take part in, developing their ability to look after themselves and their surroundings. Many of these exercises are designed to strengthen your child’s finger muscles, refine fine/gross motor skills and develop hand-eye co-ordination.

Practical Life Materials


This includes touch boards & sound boxes. The materials in this area are designed to encourage development and refinement of the senses.

Sensorial Materials


This includes sandpaper numbers & number rods.
Number rhymes, songs and stories will help your child to become aware of numbers. Gradually your child will be introduced to quantities 1 to 10. Once a concrete knowledge of quantities is gained then the symbols will be introduced. Following this larger numbers and quantities can be learned.

Maths Materials


This includes insets for design & sandpaper letters. Initially your child will be exposed to language through songs, rhymes and stories. Your child’s writing skills will be developed, by tracing around templates, e.g. square, circle etc. Introduction to letters will be through phonetics. Phonetic means by the sound of the letter rather than by its name.

Language Materials

Culture and Creative

This includes the seasons, Christmas and other festivals & the continents).
Throughout each term we cover various themes, which will help with your child’s knowledge and understanding of the world around them, near and far. From time to time we may visit places, or invite people in to talk to the children, that may be related to the theme e.g. fire station, doctor.

Culture and creative Materials